Bands at the Festival

The Stubby Shillelaghs perform both original compositions and traditional Celtic songs. Drawing inspiration
from personal experiences and their love for science fiction and fantasy, the Stubbies write and perform songs about their personal family history, their favorite super heroes, movies, television
shows, comic books, and alcohol.

Their high energy folk style quickly became a sensation in the state of Colorado, leading to multiple Colorado Irish Festival appearances, performances at comic cons such as GalaxyFest, StarFest and the Denver Comic Con, and monthly performances at pub all across the state.



Big'ns is a four-piece band performing mostly traditional Irish pub tunes and hailing from Pagosa Springs, CO. Eli Carpenter (guitar, vocals) is the big driving force behind the Big'ns, strumming the six-string and wailing out Clancy Brothers and Pogues lyrics like there is no tomorrow. Eli recruited Jess Wilton (mandolin, vocals) to play a St. Patty's Day 2009 show in Pagosa, and Jess welcomed the diversion from playing in the local bluegrass scene and signed up for something different, as well as an opportunity to wear his kilt in public. Shane Tuller (violin, vocals), a classically trained violinist, joined in late 2009 and displays his Irish heritage and inherent family musical background with rousing fiddle tunes and tongue-twisting traditional vocal tunes - he is also arguably the best-dressed Big'n. Evan Fricke's is back for this reunion performace at the Aztec Highland Games & Celtic Festival. From diverse backgrounds, these four deliver a fun gig with flavors drawn from all types of music.


Patrick Crossing performs both original and traditional Irish with beautiful vocals and harmonies. The band is well known throughout the Four-Corners having played for numerous venues such as: the Durango Film Festival; the Celtdown at the Durango Bluegrass Meltdown; Ska Brewing, St. Baldrick's Fundraiser, the Henry Strater Theater, and the Aztec Highland Games as well as serving as the regular happy hour band for the Irish Embassy.


Patrick Crossing's newest CD, "A Beautiful Night", is a collection of traditional and contemporary Celtic Christmas songs and tunes. It is a compilation of music from their popular annual Celtic Christmas Show, which is coming up on its 8th year at the Irish Embassy Pub and the 2nd year at the Henry Strater Theatre.

Patrick Crossing released its first CD, “Yarns & Reels” in November of 2012.

Top O' The Mornin' is Celtic folk rock band featuring original and traditional tunes, with rich harmonies, high-energy and plenty of shenanigans.

Many of the songs we sing are centuries old - We're excited to bring them to life again with our own eclectic twist. We hope you love the music as much as we love creating it!

Truckley Howe

Desert Highlanders 

A Celidh Band out of Gallup New Mexico that specializes in Celtic and Celtic inspired music. We play songs from Ireland Scotland Wales, Galicia.

The band was formed after the Second Gallup Celtic Festival, when a bunch of us got together for a little jam session. I always call us Gallup’s only Celtic chamber ensemble, and likely to remain so, but we are really a kind of a ceilidh band or, a pub band if you prefer. In the last 15 or so years, we have gone through many changes in personnel but basically we have dedicated ourselves to the performance of Celtic music Including songs from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Great Britain, Spain, Canada, and The United States. 


Ga Greine